This year bought a drastic shift in the economy due to the covid-19 pandemic, and as a result, everybody is looking for good opportunities to invest so that they get good ROI apart from the business they already own. However, in the wish to invest them accidentally become a victim of cyber threats which are present with an aim to lure the investors and breach their data for misusing it. These cybercrimes are done to infect a user system and collect the payments. On the contrary, the concept of crypto mining is not the only one you need to get secured from but also from the 5 major threats that we are about to discuss through this article. It is recommended to block such cyber threats by downloading McAfee via So, let's get started!

List of 5 major cyber threats that you need to be aware of!

  • Bitcoin-stealing campaigns:If you are dealing with the bitcoins or you are planning to invest then there is a cybercrime ring known as Lazarus that clearly works as a Bitcoin stealing phishing campaign. This scam targets financial institutions along with Bitcoin users’ on a large scale. The attack came via different email attachments to the victims that are when opened will send a malicious file to your device that will scan your Bitcoin activity and gather your valuable data with crypto mining. You can block access to such a website by downloading McAfee via
  • Grandcrab ransomware: This has infected somewhat 50000 systems in the first three weeks. This virus uses advanced methodologies like demanding ransom money via the Dash cryptocurrency rather than via the Bitcoin platform, this is to extract more value from their respective targets. 
  • GhostSecret and Bankshot attacks: This attack targets the healthcare, finance, entertainment, and telecommunications sector for stealing data. This is the latest version of the cyber attack which also uses the embedded Adobe Flash exploit to allow the hackers for getting the victim’s system.
  • Gold dragon attacks: This attack has already kept the big organizations in South Korea on the radar. It is a known file-less attack that is executed via malicious MS Word attachment that contains the hidden PowerShell implant script that is encrypted as stolen data and sent to the attackers. Block such malicious invasion via Gold dragon attacks by using Mcafee via
  • LNK exploits: It is a well-known malicious content scam that grew up by 59%, this infection occurs when an icon is viewed in the Windows explorer indicating a need for any user interaction. McAfee antivirus is known to build a defensive fortress against such invasion so you can download the software via


We hope that through this article you have understood much about the 5 latest cyberattacks that can affect your devices and data. To avoid the loss you can download McAfee from the official website McAfee will block all such malicious content online that can harm your devices and data at large.